Our 13 year old son, Nicholas, started taking private guitar lessons with Josh four years ago after a "not so great" introduction to guitar at a public school. Playing "Little Brown Jug" just wasn't Nick's thing. We enjoy music and wanted our son to share in that, so Josh provided a different approach that Nick responded to right away. After a few months he was in his first recital, and there have been several since then, where Nick was able to play his own creations, jam with other kids, and even play with the professional band,
Frog Holler. Josh relates to the kids in a way that's totally cool. You can tell that he really loves music and he shares that enthusiasm with his students. He's open to whatever kind of music they want to learn and he encourages them to expand into different music genres. Sometimes they pick new songs from i-tunes and before long they're jamming together or trying out a new arrangement. (And even better, Josh always tells Nick to work hard at school - we like that too!)

Suzanne Gagnon and Steve Zimniski

Josh, thank you so much for teaching Mike for the past 4+years. When I met you I wasn't sure you would be a good fit for teaching Mike because you seemed so laid back and quiet and so is he. I wondered how much you would challenge him and build a relationship with him. Well, to my delight, you have challenged him and you built a relationship with him that I know he will miss once you discontinue lessons. He really looks forward to seeing you and he wants to do well for you.

Lessons with you has given Mike a sense of accomplishment and ownership over something. Your talent, patience, honesty and genuine care and interest in him has made him want to do better. He looks forward to seeing you and playing guitar with you. He has come a long way from those first few lessons! I love hearing him play his guitar and see him leave the house to join up with his other guitar playing buddies with all his musical equipment in tow!

Josh, we feel like you are family when you come to the house now. I look forward to seeing you and hearing what is going on with your life. You have so much to look foward to with your new business. You will succeed I am sure because you are such a caring person. You care more about the person than anything and it shows. And, I will miss hearing your laugh. We all love it!

It has been our privilege to be a part of your life for the past 4 years. I wish you nothing but success and much happiness for you and your family. You have blessed us more than you know.

Marsha Lippincot